Monday 27 June 2011

You're invited to join us! UBC Campus Conservatives 2011-2012

Here at the UBC CAMPUS CONSERVATIVES, we dare to think differently from the same-old liberal group-think on campus.

  •           Free markets and free enterprise are the foundation of a robust economy that creates jobs for all Canadians – including students.  
  •           Strong families are the cornerstone of healthy and prosperous societies. Government must empower them, not control them.
  •    Restoring balance to the judicial system and putting the rights of victims and the vulnerable before those of criminals.
  •    Foreign policy that stands up for human rights and democracy on the world stage.
  •    Responsible stewardship of the environment

      Join us for an exciting year of events and guests speakers as Prime Minister Stephen Harper leads a “strong, stable, national” majority Conservative government. 

1 comment:

  1. "Responsible stewardship of the environment?"?

    That's news to the rest of us